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Slot Machines History - Eternal Improvement

Slot Machines History - Eternal Improvement

Slot machines, undoubtedly, belong to the family of the most famous gambling games of the world, together with blackjack, and roulette variations, for instance. Hence, as the number of the game's admirers gradually rises, the players' and the scholars' interest to it increases as well. In particular, it's mostly about the slot machines history, which comprises a number of amusing facts and mysteries, and therefore easily enchants anyone, learning all ins and outs of the game.

The First Attempts

Apart from other gambling games, the history of slot machines variations dates back to the 19th century, and is generally connected with the name of Charles Fey, who is known to invent the first slot machine in 1895. Later on, in 1907, he became also the one, who, in team with the Mills Novelty Company, started producing the Mills Liberty Bell, which happened to have a cast iron case with a Liberty Bell cast in front of it. This is how, the name of this slot machine, originally featuring 3 reel sections with the pictures of cards (Kings, Queens, and Jacks), was probably, formed.

The Revolutionary Age

As the brand-new game's popularity grew, there were created a number of its modifications in the beginning of the 20th century. In particular, in was also the Mills Novelty Co., which developed a minor version of the Mills Liberty Bell (the Operator Bell) in 1910, which main peculiarity was the replacement of the cards with the fruit symbols (bar, plum, cherry, and others).

It was also in the 20th century, when the slot machines history faced revolutionary changes, again much due to the Mills Novelty Co.

First of all, the wooden slot machines were invented in 1915, the creation of which was mainly predetermined by the necessity to make the slots cheaper and lighter, as far as their weight was concerned. Moreover, as the time passed, the less noisy slot machines variations, known as the "silent bells", were also introduced in 1930's, so that the gamblers weren't distracted by the loud sound during the game.


Further on, as the land casinos evolution entered its Golden Era, and the number of gamblers swelled, the slot machines manufacturers concentrated their efforts on making those not only convenient, but also incredibly exciting to play. These were the times, when the Mill Company presented a double jackpot and a series of versatile bright cabinet designs, all of which were dedicated to separate themes, such as the Lion Head, introduced in 1931, for instance.

Facing the Future

Nowadays, in the beginning of the new millennium, one can't doubt the fact that the amount of slot machines variations is really impressive, each of them being uniquely designed, and, at the same time, equally easy to play. Moreover, it's also about numerous internet gambling sites, which provide their clients with such a huge diversity of slots, that practically no one can resist a temptation to try his/her hand at playing at least a couple of them. Therefore, the further modification of slots machines is, obviously, yet to take place, as where there's the growing demand, there's always the growing supply.

How to Choose Your Game

While trying to make a decision, concerning the perfect casino games variations to play, the gambler should take several aspects into consideration. Notably, it's the game rules, which have to be intelligible for a person and the promised payoffs. Moreover, the playing process should be exciting and absorbing, so that one will have fun, even if the profits aren't incredible. It will also be a great decision to choose games with offer a progressive jackpot as a part of winning. Some of games are also intended to make players more attracted with free-spins and gambling rounds offered. Except for these points pay attention to the bets limits at the table you are going to play. At some tables minimal betting sum may be too high for you, and some do not allow to make bets higher that several dollars. Just be attentive while choosing game and casino – that is you key to success.